Welcome to my site!

Thanks to those of you who’ve decided to stop by my blog. I’m pretty excited about getting this up and running, but I am new to the blog scene so bare with me.

The reason that I wanted to do start this blog is that I’ve always had a passion for health and wellness. I really wanted a platform where I would to be able to share all the interesting stuff I come across.  For those of you who know me personally, you know how much I love to read and research topics of interest. Now, I can keep people posted on what I’ve been reading on, instead of talking their ear off the second I see them. Although, I’ll still probably do that.

The other reason I wanted to start this blog was for the nursing school and new grad nurse community.  I know how difficult nursing school is, especially when you have a family and have to work while going. I wanted to use this site to share how I was able to find balance in the chaos. I also wanted to share study and test taking tips, help explain difficult concepts, and reach out to my fellow nurses and nurses-to-be. I thought this would be a good way to give back and really solidify my own knowledge of the complex field of nursing.

See one, do one, teach one, right?

So thanks again to those of you who decided to drop by. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions on how I could improve this site, let me know. Also, feel free to share on social media if you like what you see.

I look foreword to hearing from you!

Happy journeys, both in nursing and health and wellness!



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